Monday, January 7, 2013

Now the middle...

More fluffing and floofing after the crazy Christmas removal. I always feel like we're missing half our house after we put our Christmas decor away. It's almost like Christmas morning all over again when you dig out your regular decor from the plastic bins. However, right now I feel like I don't want to see a rubbermaid tote again for many months.  

Continuing on with boxwood and brass.....

i added a fur shawl to this african bronze to keep her warm for the winter months.
simplified the vignette on top of the dresser with some green (of course), brass and an antique tobacco tin 

our entryway console. the small handled tin is actually an old peanut butter can. i live for peanut butter. seriously love. i would have to go to the store daily to restock. thank goodness they advanced the size of the jars.


love me some gears.


i spy an oliver on the back of the sofa


wine bottles everywhere right now. someone might try to assume i drank all of them just to place around the house. never.
you can see close-ups of our winter mantel here


this vignette benefits from a grainsack as a runner and a mixture of metals and glass. i also found some metal baking tins  that work great as tealight holders.
this area just sparkles and glistens at night when lit.


that book on top of the stack is miss mustard seed's. if you haven't the opportunity to read it yet you should. 


i found this hunk of wood a few months back, dug it out of the garage and now it makes a great candleholder. i lined up some of our tarnished silver and i love the way it turned out. i'. bordering on minimalism here. **laughing**


more doilies....


trev helped me revamp the tops of our cupboards in the kitchen. we removed all the green items and farmhouse chic'd it. i added some galvanized items, a dough bowl and our large toolbox(below). i grouped all our green dishes on the shelf above the toaster. i think it reads in a better flow. plus i can now use all the green bowls on a regular basis without climbing a ladder to get them down. nothing makes me feel short like our kitchen cupboards.

squeaky clean. makes you feel like progress has been made.
now to keep it that way for awhile. it won't make a day. this photo is missing my electric kettle that is a permanent fixture on our stove because i am a green tea addict.

Are you making changes after winter in your home?

Have a great day,


  1. I love your style! You do an exceptional job mixing all these elements and finishes. My husband loves those gears and is eyeing the few he has in the barn. I keep telling him we could never pull it off. You do it so beautifully.

  2. Lovely! Great texture and so many interesting collections. You are so skilled at mixing them all for a great overall look.

  3. You have a great sense of style. Your home is warm and full of great design details. You have a great eye.. I am visiting from Stonegable.

  4. Your home is amazing and there isn't one corner that I dont love!

  5. Beautiful, Meg! You've done a great job transitioning from Christmas decor. I am still looking for a few of the things that I put in a "safe" place to make room for Christmas stuff. You've got a really lovely home. I could see being quite comfortable in it. I had to laugh at the fur stole you gave your statue. Nice whimsical touch!

  6. I can never seem to get enough of your blog. It's an overwhelming amount of eye candy!

  7. OMG!!!!! Look at your African Bronze!! I'm in LOVE! LOVE I tell you!!! WOW!

    1. thanks artie. i bought a half container from a lady who lived in africa a few years ago and have kept a few and sold most with still a few remaining. the vignettes in this post don't show the 3 large pieces on the right of our mantel that i love love! i am actually going to be listing a few of the remaining pieces in the etsy store in the next few weeks to see how they do.


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