Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year New Mantel

Winter presents its own set of challenges when putting your home back to rights. There are the usual suspects of using pinecones but, sometimes it is hard to make it look fresh when the outdoors is anything but. You may not be up to pulling out all those seashells yet either if your area is covered in snow.

Everything is almost set back to normal in our home so, here's a sneak peek with our winter mantel this year. My goal for this season was to not get anything new but to "shop my home". It makes a bigger mess when you're trying to clean up but, I think it forces you to get creative with items you already have.

it was a challenge to get the right mix of nature, and vintage to blend in with my tigers. i pulled up one of the preserved boxwood wreaths to add some green. the green shoe form is an addition to my collection from a few months ago, and a few will be available in my etsy shop when i re-open (hopefully tomorrow)


i used a few chunks of birch to elevate certain items like this antique trophy.
birch works at all times of year. it gives winter the white element.

See you soon for some more winter decorating.

Have a good day,


  1. I need to add some nature elements to my mantel. Looks so empty without all that Xmas glitter..
    I like this big black "artichoke" on your mantel. What is it actually? Is it made of metal?

    1. Hi Monique and thanks for visiting. I replied to this before but for some reason it didn't work so here's hoping you get this. Anyways, the metal artichoke is actually made of zinc which gives it that grey colour and it is from Restoration Hardware. I just checked their website and these zinc leaf spheres are actually on special at a good discount, which in my opinion is the only way humans can afford RH.

  2. I was looking forward to seeing your house in it's regular dress after discovering your blog at Christmas. The mantel is lovely, the greens so pretty. The above commenter asked about the artichoke but I would like to know about the moss ball. We have a valley full of moss and I've always wondered about "harvesting" some of to use inside. Is yours real? I wonder if I would have to water it if I talked my husband into digging some of it up for me. At this time of year it has such a beautiful emerald green glow.

    I'm still amazed at your Christmas decor! So boldly beautiful!

    1. Hi Dewena and welcome. I meant to write you back after your other lovely comment but I just plain old forgot. I am sorry. This moss ball I actually purchased but, I have made many of them before. You can harvest the moss, I like the tear method but digging would work too. Any kind of ball inside would work. Styrofoam is readily available at craft stores but, just a hint rubber kid balls are cheaper at the dollar store and less earth mean than styrofoam. You can usually hot glue the moss to the ball but the tight look is achieved afterwards by wrapping with a green or brown thread many times over the moss. Hope this helps and thanks again for visiting.


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