Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fluffing from top to bottom

Ooh time for more nesting. I went top to bottom with Christmas removal and fluffing this year, so I'm going to blog them in that order too.

Continuing with the buy nothing philosophy, I re-arranged our bedrooms and hallways with what we had. I swear I was looking at Oliver's fur thinking he might fit nicely in one of the vignettes at a frustrating point. I'm just kidding of course. The cats tend to just sit on the beds and stare at me when I'm moving things around. It's probably all the muttering "Mommy's going to the nuthouse"

one of our upstairs hall vignettes. didn't change too much except for the wreath change-out on the gold frame


i had these old wood clamps (they used to be used by hydro workers, and if you love some will soon be available for sale) and attached a boxwood wreath with brown and white striped ribbon

this poor room got switched again. back to green and linen. that red will so be back next year though.

simple winter bedside tables. i added white crocheted doilies. a little grandma? or awesomely retro? stilll deciding. pretty though.


i dragged the ladder out of the corner so i can display more of my quilts and antique sheets


i was standing in my garage looking for inspiration to bring in the house. garage you say? yup i keep some of my neat crusties out there. when i spotted this badminton club chair my mom gave me i had a random thought, tablescaping with a chair? sure why not, i like to be strange unique.
 i used one of my enamel pitchers from the kitchen and a whole lot of branches to deck out the top. throw in an old locker basket with bottles to glitter in the sunlight and i was on my way. at least i was hoping they would glitter because it was dark by the time i was getting around to finishing this table.


green, green, green


i don't get to be one those people dragging their bed around the room because with 1 window, and 3 doors there just isn't the space. i do however get to drag trunks full of books and magazines to new places.  some of our suitcases now reside under the laundry rack and the trunk got shoved in front of the antique door. i like the new arrangement.


i attached an oval frame to the old pole in the corner and arranged a new vignette on the trunk. i've added bits of light blue ( i know mom shocker) around the room to tie in the layers of colour on the door.

stella lost her fur jacket and is wearing a lovely cream knit scarf i received for christmas.
i also finally found a spot for this awesome blue minnow bucket that was hiding in trev's closet.


i've made 2 of these anthropologie knock-off yarn wreaths now. i love their fluffiness.

Well I'm off to do some more fluffing. Not the fun kind, the laundry kind. yippee!
Have a great day,


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  1. I'm in love with your decor! :)

  2. I love the old books, old wood clamp, green and clear glass. Isn't it strange how the red was wonderful for Christmas but now that it's gone the room looks just right too? But it does. I love the unique old things you use. Wish I had a blue minnow bucket!

  3. Hi Meg, I love your style...always fun to get a glimpse of your beautiful home....Love your thoughts on "use what you have without getting all new stuff"...I think we're all guilty of that. I have an entire spare closet full of little treasures I need to get out and re-decorate with! Greetings

  4. Such a wonderful style! Love the boxwood wreath and your mix of light and dark throughout your spaces! So pretty!
    dee dee

  5. I love all the rich and neutral colours. Your photos and vignettes are lovely. You have a real knack for taking such unique individual pieces and creating a great look.

  6. Hi Meg,
    You have some of the coolest stuff!
    First time visitor and new follower,

  7. Followed you over from Funky Junk.
    Love the old wooden clamps :)


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