Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sneak Peek

We've been hard at work over here, and hard at work on our home too. There are a couple of projects I am really excited about almost complete for some sharing. Here is a little sneak peek into our dining room before the reveal.

you know that Pinterest inspiration wasn't going away with all those shelves!

Off to work {insert sad face here}, hope to be back with more soon!

Have a Great summer day


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Results of a good week of thrifting

I love when people give away great stuff to our local Goodwill's and Value Village's.
It was a great week everyone. Everything in the following photos was cast aside by others and will be green recycled in our home.

30.00 dollars well spent. Can you imagine buying everything new. What a savings!


amazing silver candlesticks with the patina fully forming (how many times can a person be told about silver polish while having these in their hands. "I like them like this.")


glass, vintage necklaces, milk glass, oh my.


my favourite find underneath everything. slab of carrara marble just 2 freakin' dollars.


Those stores aren't just for castoff clothes people. Just don't buy anything I want or I'll hunt you down.

Have a great day

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Annie Sloan convert! Another person to join the masses!

Wow! I so understand the hype. Those little cans hold their weight in gold.
My paint came in the mail and even though it was 90 degrees outside with 190% humidity, out came the paintbrushes.

a spare trunk I had sitting around from our first home. now a great spot to store my out of control collection of shelter mags at the foot of our bed.
the colour on both these projects is French Linen with clear and dark soft wax

just a little bit of distressing around the metal latches

a dresser in our front hall/entry area that stores our winter gear (blagh). this dresser was originally my grandfathers. i painted it black 4 years ago but, with 3 black pieces or furniture in that immediate area it felt like it was blending in too much and not showcasing the ever changing vignettes on top.

the colour ties in with the new wall tones and architectural pieces surrounding it.

the distressing on the edges of this piece allow the black to come through. i love how it turned out. this paint goes on so nice and is super easy to customize to your taste.
a great view of the black distressing


I still have a planter to paint and then.... who knows!

Have a great day