Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twinkle lights

Our front porch and our front facade get a little Christmas trimming as well to make our guests feel welcome.
 Greenery, lights, birch and a newly made galvanized ring ball from my dad. Too bad we haven't had any snow yet to make it more festive. Fingers crossed. 

Happy Holidays!
Don't forget to knock. The doorbell doesn't work!

Did you miss out on the rest of the tour?

Have a good day,



  1. Thats beautiful! so glad I dropped by!

  2. Just beasutiful! We moved to a new home 2 months ago and I MISS my front porch. We now have a very SMALL entry but I have tried to make it as festive and welcoming as possible:) Love all of your decor! XO, Pinky


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