Friday, December 7, 2012

Goodwill to all!

Sometimes, if time is on my side I make my way to the Goodwill store on my lunchhour from work. Today was one of those days, and I scored myself a ceramic Christmas tree for 5.00. Yup 5.00. It was a yucky green but, nothing my handy spray paint can't fix. 
A little walk to the ceramic store near work for the clear light bulbs and we are in business.
Of course I checked while I was there what these guys go for. Anywhere from 40-60 depending on size. I like the verification that I got a good deal.

My new little tree found a home in our main floor bathroom to light up the night.
(my walls look a weird colour in this photo, not sure what happened here)

BEFORE: not horriffic paint but not really my kind of green

oh and some straw wreaths for 2 bucks. more crafty projects in my future.

Have a good night


  1. I have a yucky green ceramic tree like that, but was afraid to paint it... good to know, now, that i can & will tomorrow! Thank you =)

    Can i paint the bulbs, too? i have a lot of those

    1. I'm not sure I would paint the bulbs as they may not glow anymore, and they might be difficult to get an even coat. However, I am sure these are not too hard to find if you are in the States. In Canada, we don't have the great selection of craft stores like you guys. Just food for thought, they were only 0.07 ea, so 50 of them came to 3.50.

  2. Oh ok, I'll look for some of those tomorrow, too! Thanks so much for the response, much appreciated!
    I really like the ceramic tree all decked out in white, so pretty =)


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