Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinterest Favourites: November 2012

Another month bites the dust. Hopefully the next one is bringing some snowdust!
The Christmas inspiration is coming out of everywhere these days. I find less and less I love in some of my favorite shelter mags, as they don't have the realistic creativity that regular women seem to be pumping out in all the decor blogs and of course pinterest.

Here is some of that inspiration to get you going or tweaking your Christmas decor

white and natural. gorgeous.

same colour tones as the first picture. love the firewood in the white urn.

i see a theme here. throw in a chalkboard and the tones take on some more depth.

ah, miss mustard seed. such inspiration to all of us. the gold frame with boxwood is fabulous for the holidays.

this christmas tree in an aged wood planter is perfectly loaded with ornaments and sugar cones.

what a great display for a holiday party. ice candle rings if it's cold enough.

very cute.

Source: via Sue on Pinterest

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paperwhites and Chalkboards

Well it's time to start posting the Christmas pictures. A new Christmas header has made its way into this blog and lots more seasonal inspiration to come.
  I think I'll start today nice and slow with  some planters and a Christmas DIY.

Nothing says fresh inside the house like paperwhites. A lesson learned the hard way though, some DO NOT smell lovely and are in fact quite overpowering. I apologize to all those I have previously gifted the beautiful bulbs in the fragrant variety.

This year I used Paperwhite Inbal NON FRAGRANT

our mean santa watches over the growing bulbs


a little moss adds more nature to the top of these bulbs

I joined the chalkboard masses out there and made a sign for our kitchen, with a little help from my go to chopper man.
We purchased a plain piece of 2x3 hardboard at home depot and some simple mdf molding. The molding was cut at 45 degree angles for the corners. I only used wood glue and clamps to hold this baby together. I used the chalkboard spray paint which I find leaves a nice smooth coat. Season with chalk and begin your lettering. I am not the patient sort so going to a print shop, and printing out graphics weren't happening. I don't think my freehand turned out too bad.

i went through all the quotes from our favorite christmas movies but, kept coming back to white christmas. anyone who knows me, is aware i am a bit tradition bound with this movie. i watch it at least 5 times throughout the holidays and it is a must on christmas eve.
i also wasn't sure if "that's a one year membership to the jelly of the month club. it's the gift that keeps on giving" would be understood by everyone who hasn't seen and memorized national lampoon's christmas vacation which runs right in second to white christmas in our house.


a glimpse of the square christmas wreath i made out of our old christmas tree. more on that to come soon.

I love Christmas time and do my best to ignore all the scrooges.

Time to start decking your halls.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adding some gold

Our upstairs hallway got spiced up with the new white railing that you already saw in our downstairs. So why not add to some more spice to the mix with another gallery. Have you ever hung things above an open stairwell? Yikes! Have a beer ready for your partner in crime as it may take some convincing.
I wanted to add all mirrors but my patience ran out waiting for people to relinquish them to thrift stores. Hello, aren't they aware other people are looking to give those mirrors good homes.
Anyways, I got the idea to do a mix of empty gold frames and mirrors.

i left the old wires in the empty frames (i can see my mom tsk tsking as i write this) because it kind of gives me the wonder of what used to be in them.

one of these frames also used to be white. i found a great spray paint that turns out exactly like the paint on the antique wood frames. it is made by design masters from michael's in antique gold. i then used dark wax rubbed into the frame.
can you guess which one?

the gold ties into all the other gold pieces in the hallway.
i am still on the hunt for a few more but the odd number of 5 looks great for now.

Have a great day



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free the boobs!

Oh get your mind out of the gutter. This isn't one of those blogs.
Free the boob lights. Did I forget to write lights in the title. Silly me.

These lights were replaced when we first moved in to something that looked slightly better than the yucko brass boob lights that were there. The flushmounts we found were from Home Depot in a bronze finish but, never looked stylish and gave off a weird light. Now they have changed again. I looked for the right pendants lights for awhile and wanted something simple and clean but had the rustic industrial quality of our house. Oh yeah and the budget was 100.00 or under per light. tricky tricky. I was going to make the lights, but if
 I tell my poor husband we have to make or rewire too many more lights his head is going to explode.
Enter Barn light Electric to the rescue. 
Discount lighting section.....yes sniffing out a deal.......warehouse stem mount....uh huh.....galvanized finish...pitter patter of heart beats..........95.00 each......SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
We I ordered the 17" Warehouse Stem Mount Pendant in galvanized.
best part is for excited schizo people like me, they here were within a week.

 Check them out!
 I am also aware that is a Christmas tree you can see. Don't send me nasty e-mails about my tree being up ok scrooge.

the BEFORE, don't you love how i made this the worst picture ever. makes the Afters look that much better. blog tip me to you.


one of the lights beside the bathroom. also gives a good peek of our freshly de-oaked banister. i love the white, it is so fresh and clean.


outside the laundry room.


both together in hallway happiness. they give off an amazing glow at night. i am in love.
last project for this room is to replace the carpet runner on the stairs. finding an affordable jute runner is much harder than you might think.  

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinterest Roundup: October 2012

I know it's November 3, which means I'm a few days late writing this post. Better late than never I suppose. We just finished painting a 2 story banister. Falling very close to the never doing again category. 
Go grab a coffee and let some pinspiration flow over you!

this bedroom from thistlewood farms has something striking with those red leaves. they just grab you.

green velvet, be still my heart. this is the exact colour of our antique chairs in the basement.
those framed botanicals are quite nice as well.

the colours in this kitchen are the perfect blend of neutrals. the chalkboard fridge is great. i do not have the guts to do that but, what a great fix for some not so beautiful refrigerators while you save for your dream appliances.

amazing leonardo da vinci gallery

this is just funny and so true. don't waste good wine. EVER!

hmmm, a green chair eh?

oh when i get my chicken coop, i am totally decorating it for christmas.

what an awesome idea. i may try the evergreen skirt closer to christmas on my mannequin in the front hall.

Have a great inspiring day,