Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wow post 100 and a new lampshade!

Holy Moly! I can't believe I have written 100 posts for this blog. I have met so many nice people and learned so much about photography, computers and myself. It has proven to be a great creative outlet for me and hopefully one that keeps interesting people so that I am able to continue.

I love white but, at this time of year I love the added hits of black for drama and some glitz. I got a new lampshade for my gilded lamp in the living room. It is a black linen drum shade with gold lining from Restoration Hardware. It gives this area a little pizzaz! 
It's been so dark outside with all the storms, the lights are on full time it feels like. Hopefully everyone else gets to turn their lights on soon!

the summer whites before

Have a great and safe Halloween everyone!


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