Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally a headboard with something to show

Sorry for the absence. I swear I have been working like a bee on some great projects but, I hate sharing midway so some have to wait.
Our spare bedroom is a great place for snuggling up and reading a book and, it also welcomes our overnight guests. The original makeover when we moved can be seen here.
 I have been hunting for a cheap and great headboard to makeover for our bed for quite awhile now. The gods of Kijiji were with me when I found this guy. (the before is at the bottom of the post, it was quite hideous)
Out came the Annie Sloan Chateau Gray with pure white underneath, and a generous dose of dark and clear wax.
Of course, a new headboard means a little re-decorating for the room too.

tis the seasons for fur blankets and fur pillows everywhere. nothing says snuggle like fur.
 the mansard window was found at a local antique haunt for a great deal. i almost sat on it in the store so no one else would see it while i tried to find out the price and get it in my car. what can i say, i get excited. i am so the person at estate sales and auctions shaking and waving my hands with excitement. no poker face here!

from the doorway. a sunny window keeps a lot of orchids happy.

a new vignette for the dresser with berry picking basket, antique tins and old gilt frames

i added a green blanket to the stool to tie the greens together

the antique crochet was made by my Nonni (italian for grandma)

a good glimpse of the green

up close of the top of the dresser

oohh, the before! i added the white first so when i gave it a light sand the white would come through for texture.

Well I'm off to snuggle in my newly made up room.

Have a great night,



  1. What a gorgeous room! I especially love the way you've decorated the top of the dresser.

  2. So pretty, love the transformation!

  3. I love the dresser, looks so neat with the top all decorated to perfection!

  4. Everything looks so pretty! You did a beautiful job.

  5. Your room is very pretty and your guests are sure to feel welcomed. Love the fresh pops of green and the bed looks super cozy. So many great touches.


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