Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pinterest Roundup: August 2012

I can't believe it is September. Every year August just doesn't seem to stick around. Although summer is my favourite season and still has quite a bit of heat left in it, my inspiration has started floating to cooler months and, dare I say it...... Christmas.
Anyone who knows me, knows this isn't weird because next  to summer, I love Christmas.
Lets just not rush too much.
Here are some of my latest pins keeping us all inspired:

this kitchen is gorgeous, the colours, the plants.

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


there are so many wonderful wreath ideas from fall. to buy or to make depending on your inclination.

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

see what i mean. gorgeous.

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

this pool house is wonderful. now where to put the christmas tree......


another sarah richardson. this photo shows her paint colour "elephant" from para paints. good contender for our front hall.

beautiful tablescape for autumn.

Have a great day


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