Monday, September 3, 2012

Green features

I think I said i was going to post about our front gardens sometime in May. whoops! It's now September and our yard has undergone a lot of changes. We have dug new additions and last years additions have blossomed and some have crisped. Best investment of the year was the new irrigation system I installed in June. Exponential amounts of time saved not watering and because it is set to go when the sun is down, water savings too.

Even though we are still in 90 degree heat, many of the plants are starting to change colours. Without further adieu...

 a great place to sit and watch the world go by.


the front gardens are a bumblebee, butterfly and bird sanctuary right now

the other half wine barrel table


our concrete chicken family guarding the heuchera


checkout the colour scheme


one of our side yard gardens


wheelbarrow decor


our labor day weekend project. where first there was 1(the smaller spruce) now there is an island of trees. 2 weeping nootkas, 1 paper birch and 1 red dawn pine were added. we are now in the process of adding more large trees to our relatively flat yard to add beauty and privacy.


Are you enjoying your yard this summer and fall?

Have a great day


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