Thursday, September 13, 2012

An industrial Shelf comes to life.... plus some fall decor

You've seen me posting the pictures on my Pinterest,  and posting my favorite views here. Can you imagine the whining talking about shelves at home!
I worked my wiles and conned/ sweetly asked my loving father if he would yet again like to be roped into one of my ideas. 
Here is the rest of the shelf, now completed in our dining room for organization of my our many glasses, and dishes. Bonus part, now that they are not stashed in cupboards or on top of them, I can use everything.

a view through our fall centerpiece. a gigantic toolbox (probably too big but I love it for this season) filled with squash, exotic pumpkins, and candles. 
the lamp in front of the shelf also got a makeover. more on that later in this post

THE INSPIRATION SHELF from Restoration Hardware: 

would have only cost 1400.00 with shipping. yeah right.

the build, shiny galvanized steel being meticulously welded together. i had not much to do with this part. i enjoy welding but my patience with the perfect measurements sucks.


the riddling rack table that was previously under this piece of art was dismantled and hung on the wall. ( more space for people movement) and a new industrial brass light custom made from this shop was added for light.

the steel on the shelf was aged using muriatic acid (very carefully) and then waxed with annie sloan clear and dark waxes to give it a more authentic look

to organize the shelves i cut out cardboard while i was waiting for the build to finish and boards to dry and laid everything out until it looked pleasing. i could have waited until it was finished and just done it once but, then i wouldn't be me and where's the fun in that.

the shelves are plain pine shelving that were stained with 1 coat dark walnut minwax rubbed on and immediately wiped off, a heavy coat of the new minwax grey leaving some spots heavy. they dried in the sun for 12 hours and then were waxed with clear wax.

the gigantor mortar and pestle are new. i found it for a steal at the Junction Flea in Toronto

the shelf happy in her corner, with demijohns on top. you know i love me a good demijohn.
i was majorly fighting with light in this room and my camera, trying to hear my uncle in my head. sometimes cameras are just plain frustrating. anyone else agree?

this light came out of my parents attic and was still in original condition. Trevor and I rewired it so that it was safe to use, added an inline dimmer for ambiance, and added real beeswax candle sleeves. these things are lovely, look authentic to the lamps age and make a huge difference from the cardboard, metal or plastic sleeves.
i found out about them through one of my favourite blogs "for the love of a house" and they even have a special discount code for her followers. find it here

a detail view of the metal and handles added.


i love summer. bring on the heat. this summer was really hot. i am sad to say i am happy it is cooling off a little and it is time to fall up the house a bit. (more on that later)

simple with squash, pears and baby boo white pumpkins

still really enjoying our basket light. others have teased with their big lantern shapes but, for now my cheap DIY is still making me smile.

I am overjoyed with the result of this shelf. It looks fabulous and helps us organize a lot of the pieces we couldn't use because they were stuffed away.

Are you decorating for fall yet? 

Have a great day




  1. Wonderful job! I love this look!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE the shelf and how you have displayed your items on it! Great job!

  3. Wow! Am I glad I found you! (from Miss Mustard Seed feature) I absolutely LOVE your style (except for the animal prints- they aren't my thing) Everything else is perfect! Where did you get the mirror over the buffet? The handles on the shelving are good. So is the floor lamp. I saw one the other day and didn't buy it. DUMB! Can't wait to explore the rest of your blog.

  4. That is awesome! I love the wood shelves and the antiqued finish. Did you wipe the muratic acid on or dip it? And how long did you leave it on? Great job...bravo! You have a great blog here...I got lost in it for quite some time :) I am you newest follower. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. absolutely superb! I was just fawning over the newest RH catalog...your shelves are a perfect knockoff...and I love the tips you shared to give it the right are my kind of gal...I'm your newest follower...

  6. Great job! Looks fantastic in your room.

  7. Absolutely amazing - not just the shelves ( which you would swear are RH - but the entire dining room - what a warm, eclectic, wonderful space!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by for a visit and follow back when you have the time!

  8. i just LOVE how you have the shelf staged (I'm especially smitten with that butter dish!) lovely!

  9. This BEAUTIFUL girl!!! I'm over from the whisperwood link up. I love it and I am a HUGE fan of milk glass as well.

    Your newest follower!
    Amanda @ mommy is coocoo

  10. OK, another room of your house that I want. Love that lamp. I have one somewhat similar and can never figure out what to do for a "shade". Maybe I don't need a shade after all.

  11. Your DIY style makes me smile too, Meg, just Beautiful! Love it all!

  12. Gosh, your house has so many things that I either have or would buy in a heartbeat. Wonderful staging, I love your mirror; does it have a story, is it new or old? If it's missing, don't suspect me...;-)
    Oh, and I agree about the cooler weather. The freedom of the summer (I'm a teacher) is offset by the terrible heat we had in July as far as I am concerned. Definitely conflicted since when it is snowing, we all wish for summer and when the summer comes, we all want it a bit cooler. Must be why Fall is such a beloved season.


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