Friday, July 27, 2012

Adding a little white

If you follow me on pinterest, you know I have been scoping out china cabinets that have had their insides painted white. It just seemed to make everything inside the cabinet pop with sparkle. I like alot!
I couldn't make the decision quite yet to take the plunge and paint the whole inside of the cabinet so, anaglypta wallpaper it was. I had leftovers of this hanging around so this project was also free. I like this alot too!
I cut the paper to the size of the 3 shelves and used clear push pins to hold in each corner.


you can make out the pattern of the wallpaper in this shot. looks like tin ceiling.


before the wallpaper. the glasses just sort of fade away.

Maybe 1 day I will get up the nerve to paint but, for now I am happy with this turnout. I also, as an added bonus got all the glassware washed in 1 dishwasher load while it was emptied out anyways. Two birds with one stone.

Have a good night



  1. I like your thinking. Save the wood.

  2. hi Meg, loved your latest project.....QUESTION....I have a GERMAN Schrank that I really don't even like that much.....the elegant look really isn't my style but I brought it with me from Germany a long time ago and I'm afraid I'm stuck with it or else my parents will hunt me down you think the white wallpaper would look good in mine as well ???? It would be great if you could take a quick look and tell me what you think. Here is the PINTEREST link to mine


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