Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outdoor room 2012

It's finally here! Summer and all its loveliness is upon us. Oh what to do first. Relax in the sun with a book, daytrip, swimming. Maybe an alfresco dinner or 50....
Welcome to our outdoor space for this year.
If we don't answer the door, come around back, we're probably here.
our dining space looks relatively the same as last year, with a changed tablescape and new pillows i whipped up a couple of weeks ago.

the enamel pot on the wine barrel holds a beachy sand filled candle scene for those nights outside. the branches all over the ceiling are filled with twinkle lights for a soft nighttime glow.

industrial bin planter filled with plants and other goodies
i went for low maintenance in our lion planters this year and just filled them with a favorite, Boston ferns


part of my watering can collection

a view towards the pond.

pisces need water sounds. until i rectify my pool situation *sigh* this will gladly do.


do i spy some conks?

the sunny sitting area looking into our backyard.

smell the flowers. although the peonies and rhodos are done, there are many more springing up every day.
i needed a new herb planter this year and had this grape crusher sitting in my attic. i smell a new planter in my midst.
our jackmanii clematis in full bloom.

Have a great outdoor day.

I will show our front gardens another day, I can't stay inside anymore today.



  1. I'm coming over :)
    Seriously, your outdoor room and garden are beautiful. Love the touches of galvanized (one of my favorite materials).
    I hope you get to spend a lot of time in your garden this Summer!


  2. I love the entire space. I love your black and white color scheme. I just became your newest follow. I hope you will check out my blog.

  3. Your porch and gardens look so pretty- hope you are getting to enjoy them a lot this summer! An idea for you;) in Dallas I stained our concrete patio to soften the look of it. I've also seen people score it (on diagonal and large squares)to mimick tile!
    happy weekend!

  4. Wow, your patio and gardens are gorgeous! There is so much inspiration here. I'm loving your blog and looking forward to seeing more.

  5. You know I can’t help but love with the fact that you didn’t follow the traditional way of designing – one color goes for everything. :D I’m talking about the couches in the outdoor dining and living room. It propped up distinction. They’re different, but are still coordinated, in a way.

    Angelina ^.^


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