Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can we make that?

It never fazes me that maybe some projects are too hard to handle. I am always turning to my poor husband asking "Can we do that?"
The wooden sign in my living room makeover was no exception. Trevor is slightly short on time lately so I roped my Dad into it. He is used to these shenanigans because I learned it from my mother.

Here is the inspiration picture from the blog Ekster Antiques. This home was also in the book Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neil. Just gorgeous but, what really caught my attention was the huge antique Rose Inn sign in their kitchen.

Enter the question "Can we make that?"
Enter eyeroll and standard Trevor  "and just where are we going to put it?"
"Always a place dear, always a place."

The process. Pretty self explanatory but, here goes. I purchased the individual wood letters at 6" height from Michaels to spell Oliver and Rust Antiques (the name of my etsy store and maybe one day brick and mortar store) I wanted the sign to mean something to us as it was going to be 12 feet long in our main room.
My dad bought a 6' x 2' pine board and used the table saw to cut it in half. I am sure the handy people at Home Depot could do this for you.
He attached the 2 pieces together with nails glue and metal plates from the back side. Small trim was brad nailed to the edges to give a framed look. The letters were then lined up and brad nailed to the board. Dap wood hole filler applied over nail holes.

unstained finished state

I added the stain mix in a throw it together process as follows:
First coat was:
2/3 baby fawn latex paint (colour of the walls in the room)
1/3 dark walnut minwax stain
and 1 plus size smidge of water
mixed well and
applied using a brush
let dry

Second coat:
dark walnut stain with plus size smidge of water
wipe on with clean rag and rub off until desired effect appears.
I wanted the sign to look slightly older so the stain gives it a darker aged appearance

Finished product.
Not so much fun to hang but, I love how it turned out. It adds the oomph to a very tall room. 

Have a great day


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check, Check!

It's finally done. It is to the point where I don't even want to change anything.
Our living room looks the way I imagined, the perfect mix of vintage and global.I love the white rooms all over blogland and the shabby look but, I am also a lover of African art. It took awhile but I think I got the right blend now.

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago we painted over the golden colour in our room with Benjamin Moore's Baby Fawn.
We then replaced our sectional with Ikea's ektorp sectional in Svanby Beige (which we are loving by the way). My mom and I then (aka DIY/sewing queen)sewed first time slipcovers for our leather club chairs shredded by our darling felines.

Without further adieu......
(this post has a lot of pictures, I got excited)

the finished package. white, grey and black with hits of green

the Kijiji leather chair adding warmth to the space, and definite comfort too.

a good view of the stair area with our "new" antique sign (so when I said I didn't want to change anything in the room, I really meant it but........ the stairwell with oak banister will be getting a facelift come fall)

the reupholstered channel back chair

this room makeover turned into a full family project. the large 12 foot wood sign over the windows was an inspiration idea I had and my father turned to reality. i added the paint/stain
and voila. ( see a how-to here)

the mantel did not change much other than the addition of a bigger conk, seashell and street sign.

the vintage and African blending together. our African Dan mask has the same colour tones as the antique street sign.
the sitting area with slipcovered chairs. not a bad effort for first-timers. (a semi-tutorial to follow). i couldn't believe the brightness they brought to the room.
GREEN! antique french demijohns and bottles

i added some grainsack with a subtle white stripe to the backs of each of these chairs. for looks and practicality. Oliver and Sammy use these chairs as bird-watching posts.

simple table vignette with vintage toolbox stuffed with spring and farmhouse goodies.

That concludes today's tour. It sure feels great to be done and checked off the list.

Have a great day


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Antique show season begins.

The changing of the seasons brings all kinds of wonderful new experiences, and one of them is antique show season. This past weekend was the first big show in our area at Aberfoyle Antique Market.

Here are some shots from the show:

oh how this chair was begging to come home with me. pretty please.

note the amazing street sign

ladder towel rack anyone?

the picture is good but, the colour of this door in person was to die for.

our haul, some things for us and some things for the etsy store (to be listed soon)

told you to note the sign. too good and cheap to pass up

another great sign that jumped into my car. i swear it practically high jumped the door.

Any good antique shows around you that you simply cannot wait for?

Our next one is in 2 weeks.

Have a great day


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Before & After DIY style

A couple of weeks ago we had a major spring hot spell and boom out came all the patio furniture and the rearranging/inspiration demons took over my brain. Of course, then it grew winter cold again for a few weeks and the patio just stood still in a mocking way. I knew I wanted another comfy seating area in addition to our table this year so, back to the Kijiji drawing board. A vintage wicker set.....hmmm......
I found a beautiful chippy set of 3 in white paint at a decent price, but while my love of chippiness and white runs deep, my patio is more on the black side of things.

BEFORE: Miss Milly had to sneak in for a spring photo op.

All painted black.

I used a spray primer first because of the amount of chips and then used 3 coats of black semi-gloss spray. The cushions are actually 3 chair cushions mushed together because it was becoming impossible to find a loveseat cushion i liked that also didn't cost 300.00 (Are you freakin' kidding me?)

The bolster pillow on the sofa is an antique grainsack I found on Etsy with a rare black stripe and the linen/black chrysanthemum pillows are made by me.
The half wine barrel table was a full wine barrel I had Trev saw in half. The other half found a home on our front porch.

Now if it would just warm up enough at night to add the plants.

Have a great day