Friday, March 2, 2012

What happens when you're trapped indoors.....

When the sun is away, the children will play. Indoors that is. It is usually this time of year I start getting a little ansty shall we say. I think of many things I would like to change and do inside our house. The upstairs bathroom got the vote. In previous posts this bathroom was shown as dark brown and I really enjoyed it, but it was just that, DARK.

The results of my antsyness.....

The paint is Baby Fawn by Benjamin Moore, trim is Cloud White

the pillar i scooped at one of the local garden centers as a part of their display. it used to be a banister. the grapevine ball adds some beautiful height.

the window in this bathroom is not an issue with privacy, and we went back and forth with regards to blind, curtains etc. i perused my sources and liked the looks of a wood valance. my dear built this great valance with trim and I love how it turned out.

the antique gold frame is a gorgeous estate find
instead of buying another table i used an old chimnea stand and added a wine barrel top. new table with antique silver tray holds some necessities and some pretties.
an unusual bathmat from india and live topiary. it loves the humidity.
(more on that guilty pleasure to come)

the pheasant is looking after the soap.

silver, gold and white. i am so happy with the turnout. thinking of sleeping in the bathroom.

Have a great night



  1. Im a new Linky Follower! Your bathroom is gorgeous - def a good spot to sleep too haha. Take care Nat

  2. Sweet little bathroom loaded with lots of personality! Would have loved to see the before.

    1. Hi Terry.
      Thanks for stopping by. If you're interested the before can be found here:

  3. What an incredible bathroom! I absolutely adore all the vintage, rustic elements you've used.


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