Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Upstairs hallway revamp

A once neglected corner of our upstairs hallway outside our office and bathroom, gets its own vintage flair. We built a new console table and added some bits from around the house.

the pillars were found at a local antique store and cut down to the right height. we added a piece of salvaged barnboard for a top and we were off.

i am really enjoying the addition of gold and brass in our home right now. the clipboard with the photo is of a family member who used to be a shoemaker. the zebra print is by Eye Poetry Photography. a photo of my great-grandfather lives in the antique mason jar

the BEFORE: it was just a home for some leftovers

another use for those rustic pitchers, an ostrich egg holder (i have a great brown one like this for sale in my etsy shop. must not keep everything, it's hard work i tell ya)

ironstone soap dish, or key holder. whatever blows your skirt up!

more ironstone, a lawn bowling case and a neat wood box find their new homes.

i am hoping to add a wall sconce to this mix but, in my quest for something old and original it will have to wait until it jumps out at me or i make something. for now this corner makes me happy.

not bad for a 35.00 makeover i think.
Have a great day


Sunday, February 26, 2012

High Low

My first post on a high low example.
Today's product is a large hurricane candle holder with pedestal base.
Upon putting my Christmas decor away at the beginning of January, I wanted something simple for the sofa table in the library. It amazed me at the lack of hurricane options in stores and finally while perusing the internet I came across the London Large Hurricane from Crate & Barrel. I picked up 2 and was quite satisfied with the result. However, while running through Walmart the other night getting some necessities (it really isn't my favourite store) I ground to a halt "shut the front door". There were my hurricanes. FOR 20 DOLLARS LESS EACH. Where were these 2 months ago.

LOW from Walmat 24.95 each CAN

HIGH from Crate & Barrel 50 dollars CAN or 39.95 US

side by side example. left Walmart, right C&B

kinda think more bang for your buck from Walmart

Have a great day


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Etsy Update

Hey everyone. Just a quick update to say my Etsy shop is finally re-opened for business. Bits of vintage goodness can be found at Oliver & Rust. I will slowly be adding a few new things at a time from my hoard of collections. Check me out from time to time. These 4 have just been added.

Have a great day


Saturday, February 4, 2012

A winter blah cure

it is the middle of winter here, and this year we have had hardly any snow and everything is brown and blah. i escaped to a greenhouse today and couldn't resist this white azalea. makes a lovely sight in my vintage champagne bucket. an impromptu planter, surrounded by a concrete bird and bird's nest.
a little cure for the blahs.

Have a great blahless day,