Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 5 picks for 2012

Welcome friends. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and is recovering from the insane sugar rush that seems never ending. We got blasted with snow last night, so I have big plans on playing in it today. This year has been a blast in the blogging world and I feel more impressed and motivated everyday when coming to visit.
If you are new here welcome to MT-Tails! If you have been around for awhile, I truly appreciate your support. I'm not done for the year but, here are some of 2012's favorite posts. Looking forward to more creating in 2013. (Santa brought me some very neat new tools I  am itching to try out)


3) A first and not last attempt at slipcovers


4) An Industrial Shelf in the dining room


5) A green headboard in the spare bedroom room reveal 


I hope you enjoyed our recap and I look forward to having you around for years to come.

Have a great day, make a snow angel if you can!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

The food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk.
I am sitting looking at the pile of dishes that need washing but, I just haven't talked myself into it yet.
I was organized enough this year to snap a few photos of our Christmas party.

Let's take a peek shall we......

every light and candle gets awakened to twinkle softly


our washer and dryer being useful as a bar


if you follow me on instagram, you know we were installing our new sisal carpet runner yesterday during food preparations. nothing like last minute.


anitpasti anyone?


birch log food tags

Thanks for coming over. On to the dishes.

Have a great day,


Friday, December 21, 2012

Nine dollars

Another trip to the Goodwill store revealed a wonderful vintage red and white check blanket with the cutest knit red trim. Only 9.00.  Original thoughts in the store were to chop it up for pillows for my etsy re-opening in January. When I opened it at home to wash it, I had an overwhelming, "I think I like this" moment. I dragged it upstairs and made it into the green and white spare bed. Nothing says holidays and Christmas more than red, white and green right?

check out the tassels along the bottom.


then i added some red and white ticking ribbon and a check fur blanket from Target


i saw it finished and the first thought after "i love how it looks" was,"i'm turning into my mom".(in a good way lol)
red has always been my mom's thing for her home and i kind of shunned it from our home other than the rugs in the basement. now it's popping up everywhere. freaky friday moment.

and just in case you have a few moments to yourself today in the middle of the holiday last minute rushes, here is the upstairs tree picture as promised. it's snowing outside today but at least the tree is visible in the picture today.

can anyone else get enough of those bottle brush trees?

 bleached those babies out and snowed them in.

We are having our annual open house tomorrow, so back to work. I hope to have pictures of everything laid out and lit to show you.

Have a great day


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twinkle lights

Our front porch and our front facade get a little Christmas trimming as well to make our guests feel welcome.
 Greenery, lights, birch and a newly made galvanized ring ball from my dad. Too bad we haven't had any snow yet to make it more festive. Fingers crossed. 

Happy Holidays!
Don't forget to knock. The doorbell doesn't work!

Did you miss out on the rest of the tour?

Have a good day,


Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Dasher, On Prancer

I've wanted to try printing on fabric for quite some time and then while perusing Hometalk one day, I came across a wonderful tutorial. I used her graphics and everything.
Check out her tutorial here on her blog: The Graphics Fairy.

While I loved the embroidery hoop idea, I did not realize the wood hoops would be so hard to find around me and I didn't feel like making the trip to Michaels. All of the other stores carry the awful plastic fluorescent (yup hot pink, neon green etc) ones and that was not happening here.

Plan B: Helping my current obsession with vintage brass, I had an old metal frame (the smaller one) and a new hammered metal frame from Pottery Barn that was majorly on sale the other day. I used linen I had on hand and voila. Christmas Reindeer art.
Probably spruce these up with owls after the holidays, as that seems to be another favorite I am harboring. Those birds are just so quirky.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: I had to feed this through my printer probably 15 times to get it to work twice. It didn't love the idea of printing on fabric and I had to keep yanking it out of the machine. My stubborness prevailed! Me-2 Technology-13. Alright so technically the damn printer still won but, I got what I wanted so it was not a total wash.

I think I will plan to sleep after the holidays. For now, this DIY crafting bug has me stuck.

Are you making anything amazing lately? Anthro-wool wreath anyone?

Have a great day,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get the Christmas wreath you want! + DIY felt flowers

Sometimes you are looking for something specific for your home. You get an idea in your head and you have to have it right this minute. You hop in the car and drive to the nearest store. You wander down the aisles and realize maybe you are the only person who had this idea, or you're crazy because now you are muttering to yourself.
What's a girl to do? This isn't about me I swear, how embarrassing to be muttering and answering yourself. hee hee!

This years muttering session came from my idea to have square wreaths in our Christmas decor on the 2 doors of our main floor instead of the standard round 16 incher. During a pow wow session with my mom we were discussing my need of a new Christmas tree this year because our previous artificial tree had a minor mishap of losing its head. *lightbulb moment*
What if I cut up my old tree? hmmmm
Easier said than done. I had to get some manhands to cut through the heavy duty branch wires but, once we got past that we were on a roll.

We made square wreath forms out of banded metal (I am sure there are square wreath forms out there but, my patience didn't hold out and these were FREE)

 i precut a bunch of floral wire lengths and went to wrapping. starting in 2 corners and working around the frame until full.

this is the wreath with no ornamentation just the tree parts. i purchased 3 evergreen picks that included cypress, eucalyptus, and pinecones to add more interest to the greenery.

finished wreath number 1


finished wreath number 2. these 2 are very similar as they are not far away from each other. part of the trick to making any wreath (purchased or made) work with your decor is to consider the rest of the elements you are using in the room. in our case this year we had white, gold, natural materials (ie.sticks, pinecones etc), mercury glass and green.
using at least 1 of each ensures you have a wreath that will tie in and not stand out. 
sometimes this means making your wreath would be easier as trying to purchase the perfect wreath in a store can lead to the aforementioned muttering.
there is also nothing wrong with purchasing a wreath and removing/adding elements to make it work.


to make it easier, ornaments can be wired into groups of three first leaving a long tail of wire and then added to the wreath as a joint unit. this gives a nice cluster and then you aren't yelling at an inanimate object about not sitting where you wanted it. 
never happened before to me i swear.


I also made a few yarn wrapped wreaths this year. Remember the straw wreaths for a steal?
This couldn't be easier so I won't insult your intelligence with a tutorial of pictures. Pick yarn you like, wrap around wreath until covered. It takes a while, have patience.

First up is the candy cane wreath:

once you finish wrapping the red, grab a thick wooly looking white yarn and do regular intervals around the wreath to give it a stripey appeal. done. easy right?

Last for this year in the wreath department is our winter wonderlandish wreath.

 complete with the bottlebrush trees that are all the rage this year, 3 types of felt flowers, 2 vintage ornaments, giant crystal snowflake and a happy little pinecone.

 How to make those little felt flowers: quick quick style

 cut out a circle of felt. cut that circle in a circle pattern.

start rolling felt from outside end until all rolled up and you have a modern flower. you can either hot glue the bum together or sew with embroidery floss. my hands have had it with hot glue for now so, i used embroidery floss for this project. that's what i mean by quick quick. i also just realized i forgot to take a photo of the rolled felt flower off the wreath. oops don't hate me. if you need one i can take it and send it to you
you could definitely just use this type of flower. it looks modern and sleek. if you want to add more variation, keep reading.


now for the fringe-style flowers. you need a rectangle of felt. the bigger the felt, the bigger the flower. these are for example about 5" wide and 8" long. fold in half lengthwise and make slices all along the unfolded side. if you cut the folded side you get a loopy flower. so this is a 2 in 1 style.


begin rolling the felt still folded until the end

you can now glue the end or sew the end together.

 again with my aversion to hot glue during this project, i used floral picks to attach to the wreaths.

So brings the end of my Christmas wreathing this year.
Have you made anything amazing this holiday season?

Have a great day,



Monday, December 10, 2012

Candy Cane Red: Part 3 of our Home Tour

Part 3 commences with our basement of Christmas cheer. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can follow these links for loads more holiday pictures. We got our real tree yesterday and decorated it with nature and red and ELF in the background. I kind of fell in love with the red hits for the basement this year and added it in a number of places. 
We have also almost finished our bar (just waiting for the faucet to arrive) but let me tell you, that area of our basement pushes the limits of my Nikon Coolpix and tripod. There is no natural light in this basement and boy oh boy would I ever love to try a wide angle lens. It's in my savings pile.

Anyways, enough yapping, on to the tour.


you know i had to make me a few of these vintage anthropologie snowglobes

this is the best view i could muster of the bar, complete with anaglypta backsplash, marble counter, vintage shelf, and barnboard ceiling. i love how it is turning out. come on tap.

Have a great night,