Monday, October 24, 2011

More Gallery walls in blogland

Although there are many posts in many blogs about gallery walls and how to do them, I thought I would add my 2 cents. I am a bit of an art fanatic. People have jested about putting up a sign in front of the house. The media is not really specific but, as long as it speaks to me it has potential to end up on the wall.
I have been asked a 'few' times about how to start or hang one of these but, I have the answer no one wants to hear. I don't use a template (my patience meter is not good for that) nor, do I measure distances. I know bad bad helper. I start with the picture I want in the center and spread out around it until it looks happy to me. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely nail holes behind these pieces.

Gallery #1
This gallery is supported by 2 picture ledges and then spread beyond. The pieces are from all over, Etsy, antique stores, my photography, art books and originals.

the frames are a mixture of black, brown and gold. The pictures and sketches are mostly black and white with a few vintage pieces thrown into the mix.

the mask is a Cirque du Soleil mask for the performance "Allegria". the little gold door is a vintage mailbox door.

the full view. Milo wanted to add her black and white fur to the picture.

Gallery #2

Gallery #3
this gallery is in our upstairs hallway. the following picture is lit up with the art lights Trevor installed for me. the focus is black and white only up here. I find that the easiest way to make your gallery flow is choose a theme and colour scheme. Matching frames and/or mats tie everything together visually.

this photograph of an Indonesian woman was the starting point for this gallery. the detail in her face and those amazing earrings is phenomenal.

this lion picture is almost 3 feet wide so it got second pick of place and everything else filled in around them.

Gallery #4
our basement hallway leading to our almost finished family room. this gallery combines vintage pieces with black and white family photographs. there are marriage licenses of great grandparents, citizenship papers, baby shoes. it is our heritage on the wall and everyone likes checking out where they are.

this picture of my Nonni was the starting point of this gallery. this picture of her shaking her hand and talking to the camera makes me smile every time I walk past her.

I will admit, this gallery I started by laying out on the floor because it was so large a span and so many different medias. Lots of holes in a red wall make husband vewy vewy unhappy.

Do you have a gallery wall you are proud of?

Have a great day


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