Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chippy door makeover

So, 3 1/2 years after installing the hardwood in this room, we finally got around to installing the quarter round. Of course when you are already pulling everything out of the room, when you go to put it back a little makeover presents itself. It didn't need a makeover but remember I said it presented itself. haha

The results of said makeover:

Stella (vintage Wolf dressform) gets herself a winter fur jacket. swiped a lambskin from around the house and add in a chippy door from a 110 year old house found at my Olde Mill LinkAntiques.
Throw in a cobbler stand and suitcase I had in my spare treasures pile and voila, a new corner of the room.

the new bought addition. do you see it? We have had the same lamps for 8 years and I was ready for a change. The new lamp bases came from Pottery Barn. They are the Sabina bedside lamps and they have a built in dimmer. AMAZING! (its the little things that get me going) No way was I springing for 1 of their gabillion dollar lampshades, so I got 2 plain white drum shades from Walmart.

I think the lamps help to tie in the brown iron dresser.

another new corner vignette including, tree in planter and an antique eight foot porch post

check out the finial on these side tables. why don't they make furniture like this anymore?

the foot of the bed view

the blissful white buddha gets some new company on the dresser. the blues of summer all put away and back to the neutrals.

Have a great day.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another use for antique grainsacks

Grainsacks are all over the place and their nubbly worn texture fits into so many different spaces. They are mostly used for pillows and upholstery (oh one day)
Since I didn't have the itch for sewing that particular day and I wanted an update for my upstairs hallway, a table skirt came to mind. Skirt sounds girly, and I don't think it appears like that. See for yourself.

fall decor in all its rustic splendor.

this leather chair has the most beautiful color on the back and seat but since it is also our cat Oliver's favorite sleeping spot where he thinks stretching requires claws it has a furry brown sheepskin seat.

Do you have any interesting ideas for grainsacks?

Have a good day


Monday, October 24, 2011

More Gallery walls in blogland

Although there are many posts in many blogs about gallery walls and how to do them, I thought I would add my 2 cents. I am a bit of an art fanatic. People have jested about putting up a sign in front of the house. The media is not really specific but, as long as it speaks to me it has potential to end up on the wall.
I have been asked a 'few' times about how to start or hang one of these but, I have the answer no one wants to hear. I don't use a template (my patience meter is not good for that) nor, do I measure distances. I know bad bad helper. I start with the picture I want in the center and spread out around it until it looks happy to me. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely nail holes behind these pieces.

Gallery #1
This gallery is supported by 2 picture ledges and then spread beyond. The pieces are from all over, Etsy, antique stores, my photography, art books and originals.

the frames are a mixture of black, brown and gold. The pictures and sketches are mostly black and white with a few vintage pieces thrown into the mix.

the mask is a Cirque du Soleil mask for the performance "Allegria". the little gold door is a vintage mailbox door.

the full view. Milo wanted to add her black and white fur to the picture.

Gallery #2

Gallery #3
this gallery is in our upstairs hallway. the following picture is lit up with the art lights Trevor installed for me. the focus is black and white only up here. I find that the easiest way to make your gallery flow is choose a theme and colour scheme. Matching frames and/or mats tie everything together visually.

this photograph of an Indonesian woman was the starting point for this gallery. the detail in her face and those amazing earrings is phenomenal.

this lion picture is almost 3 feet wide so it got second pick of place and everything else filled in around them.

Gallery #4
our basement hallway leading to our almost finished family room. this gallery combines vintage pieces with black and white family photographs. there are marriage licenses of great grandparents, citizenship papers, baby shoes. it is our heritage on the wall and everyone likes checking out where they are.

this picture of my Nonni was the starting point of this gallery. this picture of her shaking her hand and talking to the camera makes me smile every time I walk past her.

I will admit, this gallery I started by laying out on the floor because it was so large a span and so many different medias. Lots of holes in a red wall make husband vewy vewy unhappy.

Do you have a gallery wall you are proud of?

Have a great day


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red, Gold, Orange and blue?

Fall outside is always bittersweet. The colours and cooler temperatures mean relaxing and enjoying the view. The labour is almost done, the weeding is almost done, and the grass has returned to green without the intense heat. On the otherhand, this also means of course that snow is coming (it is the truth don't get mad) and I am already dreaming of what I want to do next year.
A fall roundup of colour and of course pumpkin decorating.

my ancient wheelbarrow filled to the brim. the Heritage piece is cast iron from an old boiler.

the whole view

our main entrance into the foyer. my cornstalks are a little short this year (dry summer means, dry plants) but, the charm is still there

whoa blue-grey beluga pumpkin. love love. wish they were all like this. blue-grey pumpkins are extremely hard to find around us. people seem to really love those stinkin' orange ones. haha

cast sphere covered in russian sage still growing strong

can't forget my poultry family, look how they've grown this summer. i must have fed them well!

even the deadheads have a picturesque quality.

mums and kale. so fall.

fall always makes me want to plant more Autumn Joy Sedums. the deep colour they get with the cold weather is awesome. it gives the garden life when everything else is going to sleep.

Have a great day and get outside some more before it's too late.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall part deux......

Well, it is not summer anymore in the Niagara Region. This weekend has been a steady drum of rain on the roof and 50 degree weather. That makes it snuggle up in front of the fire time, if I could only stop finding things to do around the house. Kitchen reno begins in 1 week; therefore spent 2.5 hours wandering around Home Depot getting all our supplies yesterday. Our basement reno is still purring along with homemade light fixtures and vintage furniture redos, that I am super stoked about. Eventually it will be done for a little photo op.

While parts of the house are in shambled redos, the rest of the space is sparkling quite nicely, with fall glory. I keep trying to do the minimalist displays and as you'll see it never works out. It always feels bare to me.
This is a picture intensive post. ENJOY!

Welcome! The view of the whole room.(I think it is the first time shown this way) We take a lot of flack for having the very large room split up but, it works great for our 2 people lifestyle right now. It also keeps the television(across from the sectional) from being the focal point.

1 of our gallery walls. I am art obsessed. There are 4 gallery walls in our home. Another post for another day.

the basket is a ZULU basket from South Africa, the cigarette piece is my photo in a Pottery Barn frame. antique corbel, birds nest, gold mailbox door, vellum books(new collection for me). the black lantern is Restoration Hardware iron.

wool lap blankets are handmade from MacAusland's Woolen Mills
they are super soft and give the same vintage vibe as the points blanket from Hudson Bay company without the price tag.

i have leftover birds nests all over right now. family members are hunting them down for me.
i like the texture they add to certain areas.

i snuck 1 orange porcelain pumpkin into the front foyer. it blends nicely with our tiger.

vintage display with RH duomo lantern.

Thank you if you made it this far. Is the weather inspiring your fall decorating?

Have a great day