Thursday, September 29, 2011

The pumpkin explosion.......

Do you love changing your home around with seasons? I look forward to fall and cooler temperatures. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER but I can feel the nesting setting in. Wool and fur, neutral colours and the fires to come with the cooler evenings. Oh, and the odd feeling of wanting to eat chilli all the time....

nothing says fall like a pumpkin. i am not much of an orange person, and am blissfully enjoying the return to neutrals in our home.
therefore, bring on the wicker and white pumpkins

the gold finial on the table, is actually a topper from a very old lamp that broke.

new old wood box stuffed with spanish moss and white mini pumpkins

of course lots of birds. i love birds.

the round wood piece on the floor was actually a Christmas gift from my winemaker brother. it is an old wine barrel top turned into a lazy susan, and it gets quite a bit of use in the middle of the table.

the shiny candleholder on the table is called a firepot from CB2, Crate & Barrel's sister store. the inside glows when lit up. an industrial bit of glamour.

large glass vase with birch, pinecones, pumpkins and pheasant feathers.

More fall to come in the rest of house but nobody would make it to the end of the post with so many pictures. Does anyone else love redecorating for each season?

Have a great day


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