Sunday, August 14, 2011

Travelling to another era.

One of our loves is travel. Travel by, air, car, boat whatever.
This past week our car took us 1000km to Quebec City and then the bustling metropolis of Montreal.
The city of Quebec is amazing. The architecture, the cobblestone roads and surrounding history sweep you to another time. We kept talking about everything as if we weren't still in Canada. Many of the area feels like another country.
So after a torrential car ride, the Old City was grabbing us.
Here are some of the photos of the beauty.

what a beautiful use for dogwood or extra grapevine.

after a long day of walking, this way up the mountain looks great compared with the alternative.

even the backs of the buildings were delightful. every window with flowers. such attention to detail.

quebec seminary *stunning*

old advertising on the side of building, wearing into a patina'd beauty

street after street of homes in varying colours

many lovely shops, restaurants and hotels to see. french Canadian antiques galore but vastly overpriced compared with the many shops at home.
i did manage to drag home a great new hand trenched dough bowl, wooden storage trunk and some architectural salvage that will show up in photos soon.

Hope you enjoyed a little slice of Quebec

Have a great day


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