Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Finds and New Blinds

Kijiji strikes again!
This time with a US Navy bomb hoist.
A wonderful patina but, an even greater possible story. Where have you been little hoist?

in its new home, amidst more of my rusty treasures.

new window blinds in the kitchen and the dining room from Overstock.com. extremely happy with them and their price tag. they are the guinea bamboo blinds.
this is the first picture of my kitchen on the blog and also a sort of before picture as it is about to undergo an overhaul in about a month. white cupboards, concrete counters and under-mount sink here we come.
the other new find is on the windowsill. Pottery Barn's alfresco herb trough.

dining room blinds to finish the look. finishes the blinds or drape argument in my head and the conversation with poor husbands, family and friends. blinds won. no more 12 foot curtain rod.

closeup of the herb trough. note to any potential buyers. this trough is gorgeous but, Pottery Barn states will fit 8 4" pots for herbs. i would love to watch them (the Pottery Barn people) put the pots in this trough. I had to remove the screws from 1 end of the handle and *VOILA*
add some basil, birds, succulents and spanish moss. lovely window planter.

Have a great night.



  1. The new blinds that you have look very cool! Wooden blinds add a certain warmth to the place and provide softness that mellows the environment. And since wood doesn't lose its attractiveness and often improves with age, it will certainly last longer than having a curtain. Cheers to the design! :)

    [Roxie Tenner]

  2. Your home has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, and I like how your wooden blinds accentuate your window. It perfectly fits in there together with the herbs you’re growing. I love it!

    Kathy Carbone

  3. The new finds and new blinds shown here are wonderful. Have a look at it



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