Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden Therapy

Welcome to my front garden.
This is a part of my sanity. I use my gardens as my therapist in the spring through fall. I take great pride in my hard work and work hard for the results.
This spring we undertook an "idea" of mine and made a huge expansion on our front garden. The original space was nice but it was a straight line across the front of the porch, and I am not a straight line person.
So to the shoveling, scooping, manuring, mulching and planting we went. I was able to split many of my already existent plants, and added new perennials and nursery stock.
Although everyone who knows me would heartily agree my patience meter is not what they call large, when it comes to my plants I love to watch them grow everyday and see the results come into bloom.

the view from 1 side of our property. the straight line is gone and now makes a superb "s" bend.

this photo was taken after a long day of shoveling. we had just added all the new dirt and mulch and just a few plants. plus my little outdoor vignette. and then wine. and then sleep.


obelisk made by Trevor and I

my favorite reading spot on the porch and the very busy birdbath.

old wheelbarrow loaded with wave petunias

concrete chicken family until I can convince everyone to let me have real ones.

every garden needs some kind of water feature. this is a planter turned water fountain.

plus some grocery shopping in the backyard

Do you use your garden after a long day of work?

Have a great muddy day!



  1. You have such a great garden! Love it!

  2. now, that is a LOT of work!! it looks so pretty Meg. I, too, am not a straight line (in the yard;) person! In fact just last week we were talking about softening the front corner of the property- making a straight line into a soft angle. I especially love the obelisk you and Trevor made. I also see that you extended the front garden past the corner of the house- I do that too;) So many people stop it right at the corner for some reason... Great job. I bet you neighbors love you and your husband for all the work you are doing to your property!



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