Monday, August 29, 2011

My favorite junk shop

All junkers/antiquers/shoppers/pickers have their favorite places to sneak over to, that you never leave disappointed from. I have such a place in Wainfleet, Ontario called the Olde Mill. It is only open on Sundays and there is a constant rotation of new stock. It is a dilapidated barn with no hydro, no heat and a leaking ceiling. There is a generator running in the background, powering 1 chandelier, a few overhead lights and a ratty television in a side room. The owner loves his space and always gives a great bargain.

some of our latest architectural pleasures

Trevor loading our junk.
these 2 pictures are from my cell phone, so please excuse the quality. a glimpse inside the barn. you need a flashlight to pick through the back.

architectural salvage is surprisingly hard to come by in our area, unless of course you want to pay 200 bucks a corbel. my answer to that is, no thank you. this entire load cost us 45 dollars. i thought we made out quite nicely.

Until I am able to make it to the huge salvage shops in the USA (Big Daddy's Antiques anyone), this junk shop will remain in my heart.

Have a great day.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inspiration Book: Patina Style

Have you ever had one of those books you keep reading over and over, and every time you notice something else, and get inspired all over again.
This is true for me with the new book Patina Style by Brooke and Steve Giannetti.
Brooke is also the author of the amazing blog Velvet & Linen. Our home is a combination of African exoticism and rustic industrial. We try to combine everything so that they all blend cohesively together.
Here is some of our Patina Style:

coffee table vignette. my witch hazel apothecary bottle (my dad calls me witch hazel as a nickname, so this was a good find but, also means something to me)

garden urn side table with collection of books, bottles and japanese fishing float.

wood factory molds as plant stand, the picture frame has an African kubu cloth inside.

US feed bag filled with Japanese fishing floats. the leopard is another piece from our African Bronze collection.

view into 1 side of our family room

I added a white architectural fragment and glass urn to the conks.

bedroom side table.

bedroom dresser revamp. i was always so against blue and now the glassy blues are popping up all over my house. my mother enjoys pointing this out. i must have been very adamant.

If you don't already have your copy of Patina Style, you should definitely check it out and pop over to Velvet & Linen and be inspired some more.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Finds and New Blinds

Kijiji strikes again!
This time with a US Navy bomb hoist.
A wonderful patina but, an even greater possible story. Where have you been little hoist?

in its new home, amidst more of my rusty treasures.

new window blinds in the kitchen and the dining room from extremely happy with them and their price tag. they are the guinea bamboo blinds.
this is the first picture of my kitchen on the blog and also a sort of before picture as it is about to undergo an overhaul in about a month. white cupboards, concrete counters and under-mount sink here we come.
the other new find is on the windowsill. Pottery Barn's alfresco herb trough.

dining room blinds to finish the look. finishes the blinds or drape argument in my head and the conversation with poor husbands, family and friends. blinds won. no more 12 foot curtain rod.

closeup of the herb trough. note to any potential buyers. this trough is gorgeous but, Pottery Barn states will fit 8 4" pots for herbs. i would love to watch them (the Pottery Barn people) put the pots in this trough. I had to remove the screws from 1 end of the handle and *VOILA*
add some basil, birds, succulents and spanish moss. lovely window planter.

Have a great night.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Travelling to another era.

One of our loves is travel. Travel by, air, car, boat whatever.
This past week our car took us 1000km to Quebec City and then the bustling metropolis of Montreal.
The city of Quebec is amazing. The architecture, the cobblestone roads and surrounding history sweep you to another time. We kept talking about everything as if we weren't still in Canada. Many of the area feels like another country.
So after a torrential car ride, the Old City was grabbing us.
Here are some of the photos of the beauty.

what a beautiful use for dogwood or extra grapevine.

after a long day of walking, this way up the mountain looks great compared with the alternative.

even the backs of the buildings were delightful. every window with flowers. such attention to detail.

quebec seminary *stunning*

old advertising on the side of building, wearing into a patina'd beauty

street after street of homes in varying colours

many lovely shops, restaurants and hotels to see. french Canadian antiques galore but vastly overpriced compared with the many shops at home.
i did manage to drag home a great new hand trenched dough bowl, wooden storage trunk and some architectural salvage that will show up in photos soon.

Hope you enjoyed a little slice of Quebec

Have a great day


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden Therapy

Welcome to my front garden.
This is a part of my sanity. I use my gardens as my therapist in the spring through fall. I take great pride in my hard work and work hard for the results.
This spring we undertook an "idea" of mine and made a huge expansion on our front garden. The original space was nice but it was a straight line across the front of the porch, and I am not a straight line person.
So to the shoveling, scooping, manuring, mulching and planting we went. I was able to split many of my already existent plants, and added new perennials and nursery stock.
Although everyone who knows me would heartily agree my patience meter is not what they call large, when it comes to my plants I love to watch them grow everyday and see the results come into bloom.

the view from 1 side of our property. the straight line is gone and now makes a superb "s" bend.

this photo was taken after a long day of shoveling. we had just added all the new dirt and mulch and just a few plants. plus my little outdoor vignette. and then wine. and then sleep.


obelisk made by Trevor and I

my favorite reading spot on the porch and the very busy birdbath.

old wheelbarrow loaded with wave petunias

concrete chicken family until I can convince everyone to let me have real ones.

every garden needs some kind of water feature. this is a planter turned water fountain.

plus some grocery shopping in the backyard

Do you use your garden after a long day of work?

Have a great muddy day!