Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Muskoka Living

Welcome to Muskoka Living Interiors. This is a retail store located in Port Carling, Ontario. They offer a HUGE selection of home furnishings, home decor, kitchen items and design services. My family spends a week each summer all together in the Muskoka's at a cottage and only 1 day of the week, we head back to civilization for supplies and a little northern retail therapy. My mother and I are out of the car before it stops moving at this store.

We shall start at the end: the room I usually end up in. THE ANNEX, in other words, the clearance room *echos*

On to the store: Many beautiful vignettes, all give the feeling of move right in.

Hope you enjoyed your tour.

Have a good day



  1. wonderful looking store. you always seem to know the best places to shop!

  2. That store looks like so much fun. I could get lost in there for hours!

    Sarah @ www.logfurnitureplace.com


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