Sunday, July 31, 2011

Main floor bathroom

Although it was one of the first things in our house to be finished (for now...), it has taken some tweaking and of course moving things to get this main floor bath to be finished with a happy face. As soon as I saw this room when we were looking to buy I thought "white". Of course the other things come after, new taps, tile but I have bigger fish to fry as they say, and they look pretty darn good for now.

My Buddha welcomes you.

the before. i am a lover of wood, all kinds, but this was dark.

the after. i love my chandelier. it twinkles when the wind comes through the window

a tub vignette. sap pail filled with green japanese fishing floats. i also love little bird statues. most of them only cost 2-5 dollars but they are pretty all the same.

little table with lighting for the bathroom. the peace lily adds life coupled with another fishing float and ear coral. the old pail to the left stores spare toilet paper.

door wreath i made out of yarn and felt.

this area had a strange light hanging on the wall i felt was unnecessary so, I added a shelf for some of our sealife and birds.

Have a lovely day.



  1. a wonderful, wonderful renovation Meg! I adore everything you did and love that wall color! I spy some fishing floats;) they look perfect in the room. what a relaxing retreat- congrats on a fabulous job!!


  2. What a beautiful bathroom! It looks so tranquil and cozy. Love it! Coming over from SNS and your newest follower.



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