Sunday, July 31, 2011

Main floor bathroom

Although it was one of the first things in our house to be finished (for now...), it has taken some tweaking and of course moving things to get this main floor bath to be finished with a happy face. As soon as I saw this room when we were looking to buy I thought "white". Of course the other things come after, new taps, tile but I have bigger fish to fry as they say, and they look pretty darn good for now.

My Buddha welcomes you.

the before. i am a lover of wood, all kinds, but this was dark.

the after. i love my chandelier. it twinkles when the wind comes through the window

a tub vignette. sap pail filled with green japanese fishing floats. i also love little bird statues. most of them only cost 2-5 dollars but they are pretty all the same.

little table with lighting for the bathroom. the peace lily adds life coupled with another fishing float and ear coral. the old pail to the left stores spare toilet paper.

door wreath i made out of yarn and felt.

this area had a strange light hanging on the wall i felt was unnecessary so, I added a shelf for some of our sealife and birds.

Have a lovely day.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have you heard of these? Do I dare tell you and infect you with the obsession. You will get strange looks and odd questions when you begin your hunt. Don't say I didn't warn you.

can you spot the first one?

the inspiration from the blog "for the love of a house". can you spot the conks? just a side note: if you haven't seen this blog you should definitely check it out. it follows the renovations of a farmhouse by 2 very creative and inspirational people. the photos alone make you want to read the entire thing. which i did in a spare moment.

alright enough teasing. conks are "bracket fungi" growing on the sides of large trees. they are hard to touch and essentially odourless after they sit in the sun for 2 days. when you begin your search and you tell people you are looking for fungi, the faces and odd silence are quite amusing. i had to whip out my trusty blackberry and show the blog picture from above.

this is the collection I amassed traipsing through the woods up north. Trevor and I went on many bike rides slowly, trying to spot these guys. He got pretty good at it but seeing as he is deathly allergic to poison ivy the actual "traipsing" went to me. now before i get hate mail, all of the conks I was able to find were actually on dead tree stumps and did not disturb nature of the trees.

1 little guy peeking out from behind a piece of african bronze (a collection for another day)

the large conks on display on the fireplace mantel. they add to the nature inspiration in the living room. paintings by Edward Spera from left to right "Young Bandhavgarh", "Mischief", "Waiting for Dark".

the details looking at them are gorgeous. my mom even swiped some of the collection for her house. the conk fever is catching. i saved many of them for fall, winter decorating. those conks will be slipping in everywhere.

So do you have the fever?

Have a good day.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Muskoka Living

Welcome to Muskoka Living Interiors. This is a retail store located in Port Carling, Ontario. They offer a HUGE selection of home furnishings, home decor, kitchen items and design services. My family spends a week each summer all together in the Muskoka's at a cottage and only 1 day of the week, we head back to civilization for supplies and a little northern retail therapy. My mother and I are out of the car before it stops moving at this store.

We shall start at the end: the room I usually end up in. THE ANNEX, in other words, the clearance room *echos*

On to the store: Many beautiful vignettes, all give the feeling of move right in.

Hope you enjoyed your tour.

Have a good day


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When the boys are away...........

Well, part of this post is recent finds and the second part is May finds.

This past weekend my husband, father and brother took off for a long weekend golf getaway, leaving my mother and I home all alone. cue violins please.

We decided that it might just be a great idea with the beautiful weather to get in some outdoor shopping and antiquing together. We don't get a lot of opportunity to do it what with work and all so...........

We headed out on the road and made our first stop at a concrete statuary place for some garden decor. I forgot to dig my phone out and take pictures but we ended up with about 500 lbs of concrete in our trunk. A birdbath, Easter Island head, hen, pagoda and some baby birds. The poor guy loading our car was quite unsure it would all fit. Men and their doubting.

this our antique haul. I am still trying to convince my mom the wood toolbox on the bottom left doesn't look good in her house and should definitely come home with me. some amazing metal pieces, signage, and a skinny metal household scale with just the perfect amount of rust on it.

this was outside 1 of the antique stores and i want to replicate. from my research i think this is an antique bean planter? any one out there know any different?
this could have made some sparks being towed behind our car, especially considering we were full to the roof.

Part II
Back in May, Trevor and I went to the Spring Christie Antique Show, and I did manage to take some photos of 1/1000th of all of the goodness. So without further adieu, more antiques to peruse.

chicken incubator in beautiful condition. would love to make a table out of these

some industrial goodness with a couple of file drawers.

check out the size of these beauties compared to that nice man. they were huge.

beautiful iron chair recovered in linen sacks.

wood boot forms and boots

a unique idea for a curio shelf. look at the lovely items on the shelves. vintage binoculars, cloches. the marble table beside with trouble light table lamp custom made. amazing!!!

huge cloche chalk full of shoe forms.

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! just not to me, believe me I asked/

our loot. the US feed pail now holds an assortment of Japanese fishing floats on a hallway console table. the wood piston sign found a home in our basement, whose renovation is coming along beautifully(more on that later). the US mail sack made me shriek with delight. I hung it on the wall with a picture light above to accentuate all the age wrinkles. totally unique!

Now get out there to your local flea market, antique store and find some used goodies to add character to your home. It's the perfect time of year for it.

Have a good day.