Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outdoor Living

With the warm weather comes the urge for outdoor living, eating, drinking, reading, gardening..... you get the picture. This year we wanted a new sturdy table and comfy seating.

The table became a DIY special. I really love the worn love of the handrubbed sheet metal tables you see everywhere but 2000.oo is WAY out the price range and I knew we could build something close. We purchased an old dining room table off of Kijiji (Canada's Criagslist) in a lovely hunter green colour, which I promptly sprayed my signature black.

this is the table base black and the sheet metal top my husband had made through work (any sheet metal fabricator can do the same) in primed metal.

Trevor and I (mostly the paint can stealing Trevor) sprayed the top black until we got the coverage we desired.

finished product. the grey wicker chairs are Byholma from Ikea with Hejka cushions.
giant leaf was purchased from Homesense in an awful orange gold colour and was of course, yup you guessed it, sprayed black.

new sisal rugs from Home Depot Martha Stewart collection, spare barnwood makes a water durable table runner. accessories collected from clearance sections because of the rust(what are they thinking, they're just starting to get good then)

lots of green and white plants, ferns, and lavender (feels nice and relaxing, the wild colours are out front)

the pond and goldfish provide wonderful ambiance both inside and outside, as we can hear the water from our bedroom.

a view looking back at the patio from the lawn. nothing like a classic afternoon, sitting in an Adirondack chair sipping a nice cold beverage.

more plants on an antique laundry tub bench. some wood slices as planter risers. gotta love the things nature has to offer.

a small view of the garden beside the patio. the pond is behind all of the foliage.

Can't you just smell the peonies?

Have a lovely day and feel the grass between your toes.



  1. I am loving your entire outdoor space! I can just imagine sitting in one of those chairs listening to the pond. We have a tiny pond in our tiny backyard and I love it:)! Great job on the furniture!

  2. Your space is beautiful. I'm very jealous! Love the table and the light fixture hanging over it. Also love the shelves!

  3. I worked in the yard all day today after work, and I think that perhaps I'm goign to have to work even harder tomorrow so that I can work up to having something as beautiful as yours! So happy to have found your blog! Beautiful! :)

  4. Love your table DIY! It turned out great. Oh, and I'm digging the tree stump too ... and the Adirondacks ... and everything!



  5. How have your Byholma chairs held up outside? I have a set that I currently use in our sunroom, but would love to use them on our covered patio if they hold up well.

    1. hi caroline
      we have had these chairs for about 4 years now and love them. it have 2 indoors as well. we usually take them into our garage attic for the winter so they are protected but just left them stacked against the wall this winter as we ran out of time prior to snow. however 4 years and still good as new. the wicker may have faded a little from heavy afternoon sun but no deterioration. for the price i couldn't be happier and the look is totally us and much cheaper than comparables.


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