Saturday, June 18, 2011

Market flower arranging and summer vignettes

One of my favorite things to do is go to the Friday or Saturday market and pick up all kinds of fresh produce and flowers for the weekend. I take a bucket of water to keep them fresh for the car ride home, and then set about arranging them all in different types of vase throughout the house. The colours make everything seem alive and happy.

along with the flowers from the market, I wander about my gardens and add in some clippings, like the lamb's ear in this stone crock.

new vignette for the front hall. i found a demijohn with a 6 inch opening (great for branches in the future) right now I am just enjoying the green glass. i added a batik bone necklace from Africa to the bottle neck for interest.

some bracket fungi, a bird, and various vintage items fill out the look.

dining room table. sweet and simple white and green.

i purchased this clam shell on Ebay a few years ago and it has been moved around our home quite a bit. newest use: black and white family photo holder and bird perch(i love bird decor, i have quite a few that fit into our home from spring to Christmas)
the tag on the little green glass item said "fairy lamp" at an antique store. i mostly just loved the colour.

buffet view in the dining room with the clam shell.

one of our factory carts with galvanized, green and flowers.

kitchen island flowers

vignette on our coffee table in our living room. it has a glass insert that i placed a coffee sack inside. old barnboard for a tray, and layered books, antique items including the scale, bottles, crock. the white orchids are made of ceramic and add a sense of summer.
although i have yet to blog about this but, that shoe form on the table is only a small part of my collection. i love, love shoe lasts. they are on tables, in glass cloches, on shelves, climbing walls, and even holding open doors. there is just something about their simple nature and the fact that they were used day in and day out by someone for their job.

Hope the flowers brought the happy to you.

Have a nice day


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