Monday, October 4, 2010

Riddling Rack DIY~kind of

Recently my dining room underwent a little redo. I had kind of thrown things in there when we moved to make it look alright, but I wasn't really happy with it. The current trend of grey's and green's had caught me earlier and this just a gave me a reason to use it. After moving everything around, I needed a new console table to put against 1 long wall. Trevor flipped my mini-riddling rack over and an idea was born.

There is not really a tutorial for this, as the base was made using black gas pipe that needed to be threaded and grinded. Not DIY friendly unless you too have a trades husband.

this table was made a little higher than standard to be able to fit a full urn with base, and to be a new home for my ammuntion basket

artwork by Edward Spera a local wildlife artist (in my obsession catalogue...)

another view into dining room. curating my love of green, gray, wood and wicker.

Have a good day