Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest DIY- hand-stamped grain sack chair covers

Has anyone else been seeing in the latest magazines, the wonderful usage of vintage grain sacks everywhere from pillows, blankets, ottomans, bulletin boards and of course chairs?

I have become obsessed with lettered chairs, pillow etc. It also fits quite neatly into my industiral eclectic look I seem to gravitate towards.

Check some of these out:

The first 2 pictures are from a very inspirational shop called 3 fine grains that uses real antique grain sacks for everything. Antique grain sacks are very hard to come by and can cost quite a bit. 3 fine grains has an etsy shop (for you fellow etsiers out there) and a website and a blog. Lovely stuff.

images from 3finegrains etsy shop

image from Jayson Home & Garden

And now for my DIY. The chair above is the one I keep seeing in blogs and magazines, however I love my dining room set and it has sentimental value therefore, we recover! Each seat got a lovely brown stamping with a different statement.




Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wow, that was a workout. As a not so super technologically advanced person (my cell phone rests atop the dryer where it has been for 2 weeks: I set a record last month with a 4:27 minute usage) setting up my blog has been like a mini mind marathon. My basic computer skills have gotten slightly shabby and we are NOT talking shabby chic, since leaving the confines of the schooling system 5 years ago. I am however an advanced ebay and etsyster. A day without a hunt on either is a sad day. This has not been that day thankfully.

A little about the title of my blog. M-Meg or me T-Trevor (that would be my lovely hardworking husband) and tails- Milo my 12 year old female Jack Russell with identity crisis because of her male name.

Sammy is our long haired gray cat, who is not to be idly pet as he requires his own space, freedom if you will or he will add some new detailing to your arms/hands.

Last but not least,the latest addition to our clan is Oliver, our kind hearted soul. Nothing bothers him, he sleeps, squaks, races, eats and sleeps. Ahh the life......

On to the reason for starting to blog: My husband and I purchased our dream home in the country last April(almost a year ago, yikes!) and all the nightmares that come with not building from scratch. Can you say vinyl siding for the ceiling in the basement and a rug so soaked in cat urine all we could do at first was close the door. ugh! We both enjoy renovating(haven't killed each other yet, even after the fire fiasco/mouse poop rain but more on that later) and love the feeling you get from making something your own. In the midst of all this renovating and dust, I regained my love of sewing (lost since college) and opened my own Etsy shop( and have noticed that many of the sellers I enjoy have blogs. What are these blogs I wonder? Julie and Julia was my first noticing of blogs and the interest grew. Did you know that there is a plethora of information out there waiting to be had and home renovators on a budget doing things as they can and hacking/crafting/diy-ing themselves to beautiful spaces just like me. People with lists of to-dos and wants and to purchase soon or sometime in the next decade when funds allow(can anyone say wine barrel chandelier from Restoration Hardware only 2495.00. ( maybe to make one in the future;stay tuned) Note to self and others; their spring collection just came out. more drooling, move over Milo

Picure from restoration

This could be the beginning of a B-E-A-utiful relationship.