Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Junking Finds

Hey all
Do you ever have those moments you aren't sure you should go in somewhere because it looks questionable or "sketchy" but, then you're so glad you did.
This was one of those moments
Thank goodness I had company, I may have lost my nerve alone.
Check out some of my Kijiji finds (Canadian craigslist)

Army ammunition box with all the rusty texted glory

1941, have some great plans for this guy

When it rains it pours, although much shabbier than the 1st cart, I could not pass up a factory cart for 80.00. Yup 80 buckeroos.

this is the after

this is what it originally looked like. someone had built a shelf for it. i have plans for the extra wood too.( coming soon)

Trevor trying to get the top to come off without breaking the wood because like I said "i have plans for that, don't break it"

in its new home. replacing the log table that I really liked but with a glass top was hard to put your feet on and we are a feet up kinda people when we actually sit down.

We also came across a whole box of wood shoe forms and pulleys for my etsy revamp come fall. Yippee for junking.

Have a great Tuesday.



  1. I just picked up one of those pallet pieces. Mine doesn't have nearly as cool of wheels as this one. Have you ever seen how much they are in Restoration Hardware? Great find.


  2. Lani,
    I have seen how much they are. I just picked up a third one for my living room for 90. I think I have cart fever. That's the limit for now though. Thanks for commenting.


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