Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring and a visitor to boot

Good springy morning!
Short post as I need to go outside and be refreshed with my garden. Long work shifts drained me this week and I think I sucked up everyones bad energy. Nothing like flowers and branches to cheer up a person. I am in the process of planting every type of tree that I like its branches for decorating. There is golden willow, curly willow (gold and brown), magnolia, redbud, forsythia, pussy willow, white birch, sand cherry, nootka and lastly dogwood. Did I miss any? Helps to be self sufficient I think..........

a teensy view of my dining room with my spring stick collection. although the magnolias aren't open in the picture, they look lovely now

This young fella strutted through my backyard as I pretended he couldn't see me. You should have been there, I was stealth-like. Notice I didn't get very close as he high-tailed it outta there after about 5 min. Pun intended, their tails stick straight out when they run. Then my battery died. Then he came out of the bush and looked at me. Then I had a few choice words for him.....

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