Sunday, March 28, 2010

Latest DIY- hand-stamped grain sack chair covers

Has anyone else been seeing in the latest magazines, the wonderful usage of vintage grain sacks everywhere from pillows, blankets, ottomans, bulletin boards and of course chairs?

I have become obsessed with lettered chairs, pillow etc. It also fits quite neatly into my industiral eclectic look I seem to gravitate towards.

Check some of these out:

The first 2 pictures are from a very inspirational shop called 3 fine grains that uses real antique grain sacks for everything. Antique grain sacks are very hard to come by and can cost quite a bit. 3 fine grains has an etsy shop (for you fellow etsiers out there) and a website and a blog. Lovely stuff.

images from 3finegrains etsy shop

image from Jayson Home & Garden

And now for my DIY. The chair above is the one I keep seeing in blogs and magazines, however I love my dining room set and it has sentimental value therefore, we recover! Each seat got a lovely brown stamping with a different statement.





  1. Hi! I found your post on Miss Mustard Seed. This is brilliant! Did you stencil on the fabric? It looks great!

  2. it looks really cool!
    what kind of ink did you use for your stamping?
    I especially like the first picture as my hometown is on the chair!!

  3. Those are really beautiful chairs and you made them even better with the recover job! But please explain how you did the stamping!

  4. Agree on all accounts! Outstanding! And would love a tutorial. :)


  5. Looks great! I've been trying to find grain sacks locally with no luck.

  6. We have all voted that you must do a tutorial on these fabulous chairs.

  7. Tutorial please!! They look fantastic - just like the real thing.

  8. Yes, please share a tutorial - great job & I want to copy!!

  9. I am totally with you on loving these pieces. I adore 3 Fine Grains and their pillows and furniture. Unless I have some rich relative I don't know about, I'll never be able to buy one of these, so I made my own as well. I love what you've done, here. Great work!

  10. Love the grain sack look. teach us how.

  11. thanks everyone for your comments. greatly appreciated. i am so happy with how my chairs turned out. i will for sure post a tutorial soon on my blog.
    thanks again
    happy diy-ing and blogging


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