Monday, October 4, 2010

Riddling Rack DIY~kind of

Recently my dining room underwent a little redo. I had kind of thrown things in there when we moved to make it look alright, but I wasn't really happy with it. The current trend of grey's and green's had caught me earlier and this just a gave me a reason to use it. After moving everything around, I needed a new console table to put against 1 long wall. Trevor flipped my mini-riddling rack over and an idea was born.

There is not really a tutorial for this, as the base was made using black gas pipe that needed to be threaded and grinded. Not DIY friendly unless you too have a trades husband.

this table was made a little higher than standard to be able to fit a full urn with base, and to be a new home for my ammuntion basket

artwork by Edward Spera a local wildlife artist (in my obsession catalogue...)

another view into dining room. curating my love of green, gray, wood and wicker.

Have a good day


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christie Antique Show

The Christie Antique Show is held twice a year in a provincial park in Flamborough Ontario. I was fortunate enough to go to both this year and both had amazing weather. Just a couple of pics from the day. Things that were on my list. There is so much to look at it takes us a few hours of good perusal.

lovely covered german grain sack chairs( still determined to do this myself one day)

Swiss ammunition baskets from the war. I stalked a woman carrying 1 to find out where she found it and to my delight a neat little row of them. 1 came home with me(pics to come of its new place)

many wonderful holders and baskets (above and below) Some people in my family seem to think I have a container obsession, especially with wicker. You just never know when you may need another I say.

regular grain sacks, lovely for pillow making(even though many people are giving into this mass produced trend and/or calling it quits with their grain sack love affair, I still think these real grainsacks have great charm)

still in love with this bakers rack *sigh*

Have a wonderful day


Friday, August 27, 2010

to farmhouse or not to farmhouse, that is the question

Wow, Slacker. Last post July 15. So Sorry. My summer life just runs away from me and of course I have the "sun guilt" (when the sun is shining I must be outside at any time of the year, including when there is 5 feet of snow) However, that does not keep me from thinking about any future renovations that may be planned for the indoors once the days are short. I did do a little revamp on my dining room blending it more with the rest of the house and adding some "on-trend" grays.(pics to come) We are also thinking about changing our coutertops in the kitchen (finally) from the ugly purple and wood laminate to white Colonial granite. This leads me to my title. New counters, mean a new sink, undermount of course but, I want a farmhouse white sink and Trevor believes a sink should have 2 parts. Since he does most of the dishes(good man), he does have a huge say in this but, I believe he can be persuaded. Here are some inspiration shots found in blogland (notice the lack of divided sinks) The first 2 are really close to what I want including the traditional faucet.

these images are from a blog via another blog that I can't remember, so sorry can't give credit as this kitchen is gorgeous

image via Velvet&Linen

This next one is what I would LOVE to re-create for my dining room light fixture. SOON. Now if I could find a basket that big somewhere. Any ideas?????

image via Mary Bairstow Designs

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is a wonderful, funny, inspirational book. It is one of my favorites.
Julia Roberts is my favorite actress. I could watch Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride etc. on a repeat wheel
They made this book into a movie, (I saw the preview last night) with Julia Roberts as the star and I am almost giddy in anticipation. Seems silly for a movie, not sure why it caught me so off guard. It's like the Harry Potters all rolled into one.
If you haven't already and enjoy reading, pick it up. You won't be sorry.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Junking Finds

Hey all
Do you ever have those moments you aren't sure you should go in somewhere because it looks questionable or "sketchy" but, then you're so glad you did.
This was one of those moments
Thank goodness I had company, I may have lost my nerve alone.
Check out some of my Kijiji finds (Canadian craigslist)

Army ammunition box with all the rusty texted glory

1941, have some great plans for this guy

When it rains it pours, although much shabbier than the 1st cart, I could not pass up a factory cart for 80.00. Yup 80 buckeroos.

this is the after

this is what it originally looked like. someone had built a shelf for it. i have plans for the extra wood too.( coming soon)

Trevor trying to get the top to come off without breaking the wood because like I said "i have plans for that, don't break it"

in its new home. replacing the log table that I really liked but with a glass top was hard to put your feet on and we are a feet up kinda people when we actually sit down.

We also came across a whole box of wood shoe forms and pulleys for my etsy revamp come fall. Yippee for junking.

Have a great Tuesday.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day DIYwh

I spent a lovely Canada Day cutting my lawn for 2 hours(this is not complaining, I love cutting the grass), working in the garden, playing with my Milo-dog and DIYwhing. The extra wh after the DIY stands for "with husband" because, as soon as I start something the lovely feller comes home and takes over. Have I mentioned that he LOVES to spray paint. I was going good on my little project and boom the can jumps right out of my hand with laughing coming out of it.
Anyways some new lamps for my spare bedroom: bases from a cool consignment store on a shopping extravanganza with one of my best friends. Skeptical, that was the look I got for these lamps, the shades that were on them would make anyone skeptical.

before and after in it's new home (there are 2 of them, 1 on each side of the bed), new linen lampshades from Target. 2 coats of spray primer and 2 coats of Satin white paint. ta da

Happy Holiday weekend to Canadians & Americans alike.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christie Antique Show

It was a bloody hot day, millions of people, tons of antiques. One of the biggest shows in Canada. Trevor had 1/2 his voice from a spring flu he was battling and after a stawberry popsicle, he was back on the hunt. Tons of ideas, but this show is a little on the overpriced side compared to the regular weekend shows. Sickness, heat combined we had a blast.

Here are our lugged home finds:

antique working book press (weighs about 50, ooolbs, figured we would sweat Trev's sickness out by making him carry this 5 miles across the show field)

gorgeous antique chair with just the burlap left, a must have for my shabby spare room makeover. i got stopped many times and asked where i found this.

See you soon


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Master bedroom

Why not I say, start with After pictures of the Master bedroom. (the befores are that shameful. luckily not for me but the previous owners)
This room got ripped apart first, I needed some zen as a lot of our house needed and still needs some work.
The gray/purple/green/brown/ blue (I am not kidding) carpet had to be junked, as well as the olive green walls looking like mud and 5.00 ceiling fixture with twirly cool white CFL. Obviously didn't read the style rule book about not putting those in chandeliers as THEY ARE UGLY. mud walls and blue light. super relaxing. The before pics show a ceiling fan but that was swiped in their move.

our new tub stand from previous posts

I have a huge thing for buddhas, as I keep mentioning but my husband and I drove in an absolute snow blizzard to Buffalo (1 hour from home) to a Pier 1 to get this white buddha on sale plus a coupon and already significanly cheaper than the Canadian Pier 1. Dedication to our home.
Not what he thought that night.

Only thing left to do in this room is change all the door hardware to Satin and dispense with the gold chippy knobs. A good fall project for the upstairs I think.


Have a great Day


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Willows

I have become addicted. I found this blog and have been reading it and saving photos into my inspiration computer file for a few days now. You should definately check it out.The Willows Home and Garden
from recent posting of a buying trip. look at the amazing decor and vintage finds she is surrounded by.
all of the photos are this inspirational. at least to me. planning a trip to AZ now.
Have a great day

Monday, May 24, 2010

My backyard and the latest DIY's

Hopefully all you Canadians had a wonderful, warm, sunny, holiday weekend, and Americans are looking forward to next weekend. The warm weather brings us out into our outdoor spaces and we just finished our backyard "outdoor room"

our dining area with newly made buffet

(inspiration picture later in post)

our seating area with a hard to see 3 piece log coffee table

the lion wall plaques were previously a planter that my handy hubby grinded apart and sprayed to be hung as modern outdoor wall art

i LOVE buddhas and ferns!

a view of our pond, in the beginning of the growing season


Restoration Hardware Leo containers

our table planter version using a brass painted black knob/pull

we had a load of greyed(picture scewed because of sun) pallet wood we used and sheet metal painted black and then a cast iron lion face
my plants look a little small now but give them time. i will post a fully grown pic later

as stated earlier my inspiration for the buffet/sideboard, rusty casters and all (this project did not have my husband saying i love you's)


BEFORE- no attached wires, bulb holders etc. original plan was a farmhouse style candleholder

AFTER- rewired, copper pipe holder coverings, happily sitting above our outdoor table on a dimmer cord.
Have I mentioned before I am dimmer crazy? Every single light and table light in my whole house is dimmered.
Well that's it for today. More pictures rather than writing however, I hope you enjoyed and got a little inspiration to get outside and breath some fresh air.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things that Inspire....

SO easy at this time of year. My garden is blooming like crazy and of course, I am out there moving, splitting and digging. My favorite past time!
All of this excess activity has got me cruising blogs and getting very inspired by other people and stores that are out there. I always have a revolving list of things to do, things to buy, things to make instead of buy and ideas for future consideration. I thought I would just share a few from my huge pile of inspiration pics stored in my computer. Some today, some another day. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what inspires you right now.

pigeon basket coffee table (recreate maybe)

picture HGTV

The Barnhouse Market blog and all of the blogs that share photos of their markets are all a source of constant inspiration. chippy peely paint with farmhouse style. LOVE it. Must plan to make a trip to Battle Ground.

a photo of Dan Marty's work via a blog cruise. the subway sign, industrial laundry cart are definately on the want list.

the name of the blog is posted on the picture as I cannot remember now. i was searching for photos of tobacco baskets in use and vintage mannequins. this particular photo satisfied both.

i love these Leo containers from Restoration Hardware and am sure these are on the things to make instead of buy list.